January 1999
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Website Madness

With Fact Boy

Now in Fact-o-Vision

That's right, Fact-o-Vision(TR). In order to access Fact Boy's facts, you must have a mouse. Not a pet mouse, those are icky. You need a computer mouse, which I assume you already have. To see a fact, simply move your mouse pointer over any asterisk you see (*) and you will instantly become one IQ point smarter by reading the fact that appears at the bottom of your browser window. Don't actually CLICK on the astersik, or your computer just might explode.

Hello - ho - ho!?! Uhh..., too late for that. Wait, it is the NEW YEAR, so I guess it is too early for that, right? Well, here I am once again, crawling out of my cellar, disconnecting my leash, and running to the computer with my tail in between my legs to announce FACTBOY'S WEBSITE MADNESS MYSTERY SITE!!!

Sounds kind of like a contest, don't worry, it's not!

How 'bout a friendly game of cowtipping? Sounds fun, no?

This Month's Site:
Burning Cow Tipping

Plug-ins needed for this site: Shockwave
Rating: 2 (out of 5)

Boy oh boy, this is stupid. A burning cow * is about as DUMB as it gets. This site is Dumb, and so is the movie (Mars Attacks) this site promotes. I guess a dumb movie should have a dumb website. This is actually a game site *. You actually do the tipping yourself!

I figured out that if you hit the guy before the cow reaches you, it is an automatic win * (*). Now, I haven't actually tipped enough cows * to see the ending, or even know if one exists. If you stumble across one, email me and let me know.

Though I found this site absolutely stupid, I did find some humor in it. Think about it: there is a cow with flames coming out of his horns, and you have to try to push it over. Furthermore, the whole concept of cowtipping is just silly. Think about Beavis and Butthead and their attempts to go cowtipping *. That is absolutely funny.

Back to the featured site. The cow rolls off to the side and another one comes. Monotony got the best of me and I had to stop. Now, you ask, "Hey Factboy, why did you give this site a 2 and not a 1?" The answer is simple . . . cowtipping. Is that funny or what?

Factually Yours,

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