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Canadian Content - Won't Get Fooled Again:
More Canadian Political Parties

By John Hansen

The Christian Heritage Party:

This Western-based party uses Iran as a model for religious based governance. Envisioning a kind of Pat Boone-style Canada, the CHP wishes to make sure Canada heals itself by promoting the repression of natural desires and by taking away people's right to think and choose for themselves. Never won a seat.

The Canadian National Party:

A kind of "Canada First" party which discourages immigration and wishes to make sure the school system encourages national pride. Their policy essentially is little different from a certain other "national" party some years ago in Germany, only without the rantings against minorities. Never won a seat.

The Green Party:

Many countries have one and in Europe they do pretty well. Their platform as you may guess is based on environmentalism and that government's primary goal should be the protection of the ecosystem. They also wish to guarantee, through legislation, the right to clean air, clean water, and uncontaminated food. Their other platforms lean toward the leftist side as well as they're big on human rights and anti-gun. Never won a seat but do well in urban ridings and really should have a higher profile.

The Natural Law Party:

In the 1960's the Beatles got spiritual down in India with the Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi. Turns out he was a fraud but he did turn out to be the founder of his political party which has branched out around the world. They promote a national program of "yogic flying" (crossing your legs while seated then hopping up and down) and Transcendental Meditation to improve coherence in the nation. And Doug Henning is one of their co-founders. I'm not joking.

The Rhino Party:

Essentially created to bring humour in the political system with policies such as paving the Bay of Fundy and moving the Rocky Mountains to the East Coast. Over the past decade they've been made redundant by the previously mentioned party.

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