March 1999
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Website Madness

With Fact Boy

Now in Fact-o-Vision

That's right, Fact-o-Vision(TR). In order to access Fact Boy's facts, you must have a mouse. Not a pet mouse, those are icky. You need a computer mouse, which I assume you already have. To see a fact, simply move your mouse pointer over any asterisk you see (*) and you will instantly become one IQ point smarter by reading the fact that appears at the bottom of your browser window. Don't actually CLICK on the astersik, or your computer just might explode.

Ahhh, March. Don't you just love March * * *? Yeah, neither do I. Well, I promised you a review of Elizabeth Montgomery * *. Actually, I said...uh...what ever.

Here it is. Vic's Bewitched Page. I am not going to review this site *. I will make a comment about it though: It is one of the best set-up pages I have came across on the 'net yet. Look at it. It has everything a fan of Liz * might want, like pictures, biographys, links, etc. It is well organized, well caught up, and well, just plain cool, if you like this kind of thing. Too bad she died * *.

On to the ACTUAL site:

Norman Dog's Interactive Cartoon Fun-House!

Rating: **** (of 5)

I figured you might like this *. It has some really funny things in it, such as the Interactive Cartoon! You actually determine the fate of the world *! There are lots of different options to choose from during your quest to rule the world * * *. As a friendly warning, watch out for aliens, the President *, the button, nuclear reactions, and several other things that might corrupt the world. It is still under construction *, but almost complete. It has several other cartoons in it too, not just the interactive one *. There is not * * much to this site, except for the interactive cartoon *. I like it and was provided me with some desperately needed entertainment * *.

Factually yours,

ps. Next month, a long rivalry between my father and me. We are searching for the truth. Fortunately, I have the truth, and will release my results of the "Centripetal and Centrifugal Forcs Extravaganza!!!!!". Bet you cannot wait, neither can I.

pms. Also next month, you thought it was safe to use the bathroom, right? Well, you might be exposing yourselves to, uh, nevermind, that was secret.

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