April 1998
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Angry Dan's Column

Women's Week -- Bullshit

by Daniel Strohl

This week (March 18 - 25) is Women's Week at Ohio Wesleyan University. Women's Week is a load of bullshit.

This is not to say I'm against equal rights. A Women's Week would be just fine and dandy if there was a gender issue in the economical, educational or political institutions of our society. But I don't see it that way. There are just as many women as there are men at this school; there are just as many opportunities for women as there are for men in workplaces around the nation; and there are just as many female voices in newspapers, magazines, television, the government and the internet as there are male. No university or workplace I see in a guidance counselor's office or in the classifieds isn't an equal opportunity employer. No woman has been kicked out of her position in the government because she is female.

What the main thrust (or one of them) of Women's Week seems to be is tackling gender issues throughout all of society. That includes going into our thoughts and feelings and traditions as a society and equalizing all of them. That, my friends, is the bullshit.

Men and women are different and it would be senseless to iron out those differences. I don't just mean the physical differences here, rather that men and women have different emotions, capabilities and attitudes. Men and women have developed these attitudes and opinions for some reason or another and I don't believe it is proper to denounce these attitudes and opinions as wrong unless they were formed for a false reason. These attitudes and opinions are what has driven humanity since the beginning. Ying needs the yang and all that.

The women's movement has run its course in America. Save for a few problems with equality in institutions like the military, which hasn't had to deal with integrating women into its forces until relatively recently, women really have nothing left to bitch about.

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