Friday all we did was walk. And walk and walk and walk. It may sound like Iím whining, which I am, but you have to realize the only walking we do in Los Angeles is from our house to the car. So I needed time to adjust to non-sedentary living. Anyhow, we walked from the Arc De Triomphe all the way down the Champs Elysees to the Louvre, which is a good 40 minute walk.
The Louvre is freaking huge. Really, you hear all the talk about how long it would take you to get through the whole thing, but really itís palatial. And the part youíre seeing in the picture is just the tip of the iceberg.
Hereís Venus De Milo. Same as she ever was.

Mona Lisa is there too, but she was crowded by too many tourists, and everyone knows what she looks like anyhow.

This bed belonged to someone important. After I saw it, I decided that I would no longer be staying at Mollyís, but would spend the rest of my vacation in that room.
After the Louvre, we walked around some more. We went to Place Vendome, where the Ritz Hotel is and places like Cartier, Bulgari and Van Cleef & Arpels. It hurt, let me tell you. Then we went to Centre Georges Pompidou. But it was under construction, so we couldnít actually go in, but itís a cultural center of some sort. Outside of it there was this giant Teepee. Just sitting there. I took a picture of it, but like the Eiffel Tower, it didnít come out.
But there was this cool fountain on the other side of the building that I liked. Behind it is yet another church with flying buttresses. It isnít a landmark or anything. Itís just that every church in Paris looks like an historical monument. To the right of the fountain was a crepe stand where I had a crepe with Nutella. I really think that as a nation, the U.S. would be much happier if we had a stand on every corner selling crepes with Nutella. It would be good for morale.