That night we went to the store and bought a good bottle of wine, some cheese and a baguette. Possibly one of the great things about France is that you can buy good wine for less than $4 a bottle. This is an astounding phenomenon, which I really enjoyed, but didnít take enough advantage of while I was there. Anyhow, we ate the bread and cheese and drank the wine while we prepared ourselves some stir-fry. Once we had properly disposed of the entire bottle of wine, we took a walk to the Eiffel Tower. At night itís absolutely gorgeous, because they light it up and itís just big and imposing. But of course I have no pictures of this. Not that Iím bitter.
Saturday morning, Mollyís family came to visit form Portland, so we took them on yet another walking tour of the city. We went to some weird art exhibit on one of the bridges on the Seine that I was unamused by, but it gave me a chance to actually take some pictures and be touristy.
Mollyís aunt then took us on her patented 20th arrondisment tour, and I got a chance to finally get a view of the city. Even though it was way too foggy to really see anything. But if you look closely, I swear thatís the Eiffel Tower on the right.
We ended the loooooong day with dinner at Chez Omar, where we ate piles of couscous and chicken and other yummy things.

The next morning I packed up all my stuff and we walked to the Etoile (i.e. Arc De Triomphe) where I caught the Air France bus to the airport. My flight home was twelve hours long and the flight attendant for my row looked just like Liev Schreiber. Which is definitely not a good thing for a woman to look like. During the flight I read the entire book The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and felt empowered or something.

We got into LAX 45 minutes late and the line for customs was excruciatingly long. On my way out to meet my friends who were picking me up, Helena Christensen (yes, the supermodel) bumped into me with her luggage trolley. Bitch. She was met by this scraggly actor guy, Norman Reedus, whoís on the cover of the Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair this month. Then I met my friends, got home, threw down my luggage, turned on the TV and collapsed on the couch to watch the Oscars. Later, the jetlag kicked my ass for three whole days.

Paris was good, as a whole. But I could never live in a country with no diet coke, parmesan cheese or toilet seat covers. Plus they really need to learn the fine art of Pasteurization considering that they invented it! But itís a great city, though one I probably wonít go back to until Iím really really rich and can afford to really really enjoy it.