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Website Madness

With Fact Boy

Now in Fact-o-Vision

That's right, Fact-o-Vision(TR). In order to access Fact Boy's facts, you must have a mouse. Not a pet mouse, those are icky. You need a computer mouse, which I assume you already have. To see a fact, simply move your mouse pointer over any asterisk you see (*) and you will instantly become one IQ point smarter by reading the fact that appears at the bottom of your browser window. Don't actually CLICK on the astersik, or your computer just might explode.

Vince who? . . . Is this Roody Poo?

Do you smell, what the Rock, is cooking?

This is not sing along with the champ!

You are single handedly * the biggest piece of Roody Poo * trailer park trash that the Rock has ever seen.

You are ten pounds of monkey crap * in a five pound bag.

Why? Because the Rock * says so!

If you know not who the Rock is, then get with the picture, better yet * *, get with the World Wrestling Federation, otherwise known as the WWF. I used to be infatuated with the WWF before I got into high school. Now that I am in college *, I have learned to appreciate good entertainment when I see it. Now, I have reacquainted myself with the WWF once again. So, as a tribute to the wonderful WWF, I am happy * to report on, the official website of the WWF.

What else would you expect from an official website but all up-to-date, accurate * information. As a born-again WWF fan, I have spent* * a bit of time in here. You may ask, "Factboy, why would you like to watch a bunch of buff men tear each other apart, especially if it is all fake?" * * Well, that answer is simple: because.

That's it, just because.

Actually, even though most of it may not be real, it is similar to a sitcom. A sitcom is not real, but yet people still watch it, mainly because it is entertaining. Sometimes, sex has a lot to do with it. Hmmm, *funny I brought that up. Sable, the Playboy * * Playmate of WWF is just that. She modeled in Playboy and helped have one of the highest selling issues of all time, maybe even the highest. Uhh, I heard it was, I mean, my friend said it was ok?*

Oh yeah, WWF. Wait a second, she is in WWF, and the * * * Women's Champion as of April 29, 1999. So, not only is she hot, but also the champ. This can all be found out on this site.

That is a little about the WWF, for there is so much more. will help clear up any questions you may have* * about it with all the possible info you can get. It has links to biographies for each character, * with audio and video to watch them in action. An online shop to buy any memorabilia you may want, a list of live events, publications, photos, etc. What is especially great * is, and I know I am repeating myself, how up-to-date it is. In WWF, new things happen constantly, so that is only expected. If you are a WWF fan, then you * * * probably have this site bookmarked, but if you are not a fan, then you should be! This site gets a two middle fingers up * .

Factually Yours,


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