In this view from the Kennedy Center's roof looking north, one can see the National Cathedral on the horizon, Georgetown University along the river and the Russian Embassy on the right.

don't look down

have you driven a Ford lately?

Gang activity is held to a minimum in D.C. Same for nightclub activity.

okay, so I had to use up the roll

Hi, Larry!

The Watergate towers, site of bad balconies and too many jokes surrounding the presidency.

Finally, the Chesapeake and Ohio canal, fronted by ultra-high price Georgetown townhouses. If anybody knows how fast anthrax is carried by water and the flow rate of water in the C&O canal, please get in touch with me.

In this view from Lafayette Park, we see a group of tired, hungry, bored journalism students waiting for their van to come.

Standin' on the corner, waitin for the bus.

Little did they know that the streets were slowly being blocked off around them due to stuffy NATO people and their stupid security concerns.

Did I mention these kids have guns?

nearly as funny as the Shrub.

I beg to differ. Whenever youre in DC, go to Chelsea's to see The Capitol Steps. They are incredibly talented and hilarious!

I love you Jess. I love you Ben.

Hi, Ben!

to those who gave their lives...

This is the Vietnam War Memorial.

There's really nothing funny about that.

You freakin' pinko bastards!

This is a picture of cops in riot gear laughing at the protesters outside the White House, who were protesting NATO 'n stuff.