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Road Trip

Reviewed by Jessica Brandt

I went to see this movie because I thought it was "The Tom Green Movie". Even though I pretty much don't like Green's show on MTV, I figured I should keep up with the times and see "this summer's Something About Mary." But the best thing about this movie is that Tom Green isn't in it too much.

Green played a College of Ithica tour guide named Barry (Barry manilow, to be exact) who begins the movie while giving a tour to some prospective students and their parents, but ends up telling about the greatest road trip of all time. The story is about some of his friends from school (after all, he'd been there 8 years already) and their amazing journey from New York to Austin (or was it Boston?) to retrieve a sex tape before it gets into the wrong hands.

Josh (Breckin Meyer of Clueless fame) has been best friends with his girlfriend since the pair were tots. Now in college at opposite ends of the country, Josh's roommate E.L. (Sean Scott from American Pie) convinces him that the relationship won't last, and he should spend his college years chasing tail, as it were. Once Josh lets his guard down, he ends up spending the night with the cute blonde, Beth (Amy Smart) and videotapes the whole thing (duh!). Of course, Josh had the practice of sending tapes to his girlfriend in Austin, and asks his roommate, super-smart Rubin (Paulo Costanzo) to send it. Hence, the wrong tape is sent.

The boys then go to Austin to retrieve the tape, via the car belonging to masturbation-obsessed and goofy-looking Kyle (DJ Qualls), and take the waif along.

Of course, it's not that simple. On the way the car explodes, they run out of money, and eventually end up travelling in a bus "borrowed" from a school for the blind. Throughout the movie, we see Green, who has never left Ithica, in the dorm room having encounters with Rubin's pet snake.

The characters in this movie are pretty dynamic and there are a lot of funny, knee-slapping moments. Green's parts are hilarious. There are also not too many sappy moments, so the film keeps rolling along.

The people they meet along the way, such as a strung-out looking Andy Dick, as a desk clerk who refuses to sell pot to Rubin, and Barry's grandfather who is addicted to Viagra, help keep the film interesting. At one time, the boys end up at an all-black fraternity, and Kyle finally ends up having sex, "with a woman!"

This is not the Tom Green movie, which is good. Too much Green is a very, very bad thing and he can become over-the-top very quickly. But in this film, he's got just enough exposure to keep himself funny.

This movie is somewhat better than the other films its been compared to, Something About Mary and American Pie. There aren't any morals or sad parts, and aside from Kyle becoming a man in more ways than one, no one ends off any better than when they started. There are a lot of funny moments and not too much of it is "groaner" jokes.

Oh yeah, and there are a lot of boobs. And Tom Green's butt. But you expected that, right?


(Out of five)

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