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July 1999
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Website Madness

With Fact Boy

Now in Fact-o-Vision

That's right, Fact-o-Vision(TR). In order to access Fact Boy's facts, you must have a mouse. Not a pet mouse, those are icky. You need a computer mouse, which I assume you already have. To see a fact, simply move your mouse pointer over any asterisk you see (*) and you will instantly become one IQ point smarter by reading the fact that appears at the bottom of your browser window. Don't actually CLICK on the astersik, or your computer just might explode.

Ahhhh, what a vacation. Factboy is back and better than ever, or so I am told *. I hope that the three of you who might like what I have to say didn't throw a fit because I took the month off. I know my mom wasn't too upset, so * that leaves two of you. I hope you didn't get too depressed, otherwise you might kill yourselves. Especially after reading what Disturbing Thoughts, Where the Truth Hurts has to say about life, or more appropriate, DEATH* *.

What caught my attention was the depression quiz * *. It should be the first thing you do on this site. I must be a pretty damn happy person because I scored a 4 * * *. That makes me a pretty lame person. You guessed it, I am a lame-o. But that should not surprise you. It was just last week that I * went out to buy some fine china and pots and pans and crystal stemwear and sterling silverware. Sad, but true * *. That is neither here nor there, nor on this site, which I should be talking about * *.

Now, for all you God-loving people out there and everybody else, listen up * * * *. Most of you are probably in college or some school where religion might not be on the top of your list. "Some Really Warped Stuff" is perfect for * you. Hell, I go to church every week, and it still taught me a thing or two that I didn't know. It talks about God, and Jesus, and Hitler. Don't ask me * * *. Anyhow, read it to it's fullest, it is really funny. Just remember that it is supposed to be humorous, and not intended to offend any of you, but for those of you who are (offended that is), you suck! *.

One thing I really didn't like too much was how long "Help for the Happy" is, but for those of you who prefer books with pictures * *, there is a quick summary at the bottom, which sums up the ideas.

Well, there is more to see of this site, but I don't want to spoil everything. The site is kind of short *, but that is OK, because it is also kind of deep *. Make sure you read what I put in the guestbook *, it is actually thoughtful. I don't know if I should have a score of 4 or 40 on the depression quiz *. Oh Well, if I don't see ya' next time . . . peace.

Factually yours,


Ps. I want all of you to email me your results of the Depression Quiz to This new email thing is really cool. Be sure to thank The Shrubbery for giving out free email.

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