September 1998
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Angry Dan's Column

Loose Ends

by Daniel Strohl

This month's column is gonna go all over the place because I didn't really have the time last month to think out a full-length column.

In response to Dennis's complaint about my comments on vegetarianism in the August issue of the Shrub, I would just like to say that in the column I pointed out why I am not a vegetarian/vegan. If I made it seem like there's something wrong with making that lifestyle decision, I apologize. I don't believe people shouldn't become vegetarian/vegans, but I've also made a decision by not becoming a vegetarian/vegan and I would appreciate if you didn't try to alter my lifestyle decisions.

On the subject of Matt Drudge, the pseudo-journalist recently hired at Fox News, I think it's comic that so many newpapers and newsmagazines nationwide are blasting this guy for not practicing solid journalism. Granted, I don't believe he does either, but there's a saying about people who live in glass houses which I believe applies here. So many articles in so many newspapers are full of opinion, one-sided, written directly from news releases or contain inaccurate or missing information. And that's just a cursory glance. We don't know how many people could be misquoted or how many sources and quotes are fictionalized. Neither Drudge nor the rest of the media should opine on this subject until after a good self-assessment.

And on a similar subject, the American people need to realize that what our president is doing is perfectly American. As I see it, the thirteen colonies split from Britain to pursue an economy much closer to the ideal of pure capitalism, in which many people tend to overlook the trait of "do whatever needs done to make a buck." The newly-formed country then molded its values after those ideals and adopted a "do whatever needs done to succeed" attitude. What does this have to do with Bill Clinton? Even though his morals slacked (I will never agree with cheating on one's spouse, if that is indeed what he did), the economy is booming under his administration. I know fooling around with White House interns won't help the economy much, but you can't criticize the man for not doing his job.

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