September 1998
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(by Navin Weeraratne)


Faithful readers you know this penman as Ira Ultimatum of the Neanderthal Rights Association, defending the rights of Neanderthals everywhere. In this publication I must write to you a grave evil that is descending upon this country, upon our good people and its liberties.


Know you not that any full-blooded, White American, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant male can bear arms to protect his property for himself, to drive off strangers and keep his taxes? Most understand this well, but they interpret arms to be only guns. There are more weapons in the Arsenal of Democracy that must not be neglected, and chief of these weapons that we can ill afford to ignore, is the bomb. My fellows, this great weapon from the Arsenal of Democracy is being taken from us! We must act NOW to preserve it and our liberty! A conspiracy of Big Government, Big Business and International Organisations is working to take bombs away from the Common Man and monopolise control over them! Act now!


The bomb is the purest expression of libertarian freedom: a guerilla throwing a grenade into a truck full of unhappy, green, government conscripts killing them instantly, a terrorist blowing up a girl's school to take out the Joint Chief of Staffs meeting next door, the flame flower of an Pan Am crashing into a quiet Scottish village the world didn't know and rather wouldn't. Bombs are the great check on organised power: one man can plant one and hundreds can be killed by it. What better protection for small interest groups against the great well spring of common, Public Opinion? There is no need for a Senate when you can have bombs, no need for filibustering, or a seperation of powers. Got a problem with the House of Representatives? Blow it up. Got a large bunch of Feds trying to oppress you outside your compound? Blow them up. Got lots of annoying professors saying mean things about you and your manifesto? Blow them up. The minority's bomb is his check of the majority's vote. Terrorism's function in a working Democracy, is to check decisive government.

God Bless.


But large organisations are working to take this away from us. The government no longer gives its contracts to Mom and Pop bomb makers or backyard minefield sowers, and instead gives lucrative, over paying deals to Big Business. This is destroying the traditional weapons making crafts industry of this great country, small bomb producers are going bankrupt everywhere or are having to take unreliable, short term, one-off contracts from suspicious Sudanese and Afghan terrorists. Do we want this for our heavily subsidised crafts industries? We protected our farmers and gave them large subsidies rather than buy cheaper grain from evil, foreign countries in a perfectly good example of how lesser numbers with better organisation can be protected from the interests and welfare of larger groups, so why can't we protect our backyard bombers?


Then we must consider the more direct effect on people's liberties. As the free public's ability to make bombs is curtailed with the closing down of the Mom and Pops and the loss of traditional skills as bomb makers go to troubled Third World countries where their talents are better appreciated, as this process builds the free public is losing its ability to bomb. Where then is liberty without bombs? One gun is a good as another, but a bomb can destroy a whole building with all the guns in it. How can liberty survive against Big Government, Multi-National Corporations and Non-Christian Religions without bombs? Without bombs there is no hope for the minority against the mass. Look at what happened to David Koresh at Waco! He failed because he couldn't blow up all the Feds outside. Look at how desperately eager the Federal Government has been to destroy the Unabomber, who hasn't killed a fraction of the people the average killer in America has! They do this because he is a quiet, brave old man who mails people BOMBS! See! See the double standard of a President being smacked on the wrist for spilling his sperm about, and old multiple murderer getting life! And this is the President who ordered the large scale, big military bombardment of terrorists in Sudan and Afghanistan who are ALSO small bombers! Oh fie, fie, the injustice in our system! The secret initiative against the small bomber! See the vile corruption inherent in the system that keep us down!


Write to your Republican Congressman and demand that the Government end its insidious campaign to take power away from the small, individual bomber, make the will of your vote known! And if your Congressman is Democrat, blow him up! The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat, The minority's bomb is his check of the majority's vote. Terrorism's function in a working Democracy, is to check decisive government. Go forth brave citizen, brave, white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, rural, male citizen, and do your duty!

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