November 1998
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Website Madness

With Fact Boy

Here it is!!! My first entry on the site claiming to be The Shrubbery!!
Who am I, you ask? Fact Boy, at your service. I will be filling you with useless facts about useless stuff (well, hopefully). I will actually be filling you in on some of the zany and silly web sites found only on the internet. Hopefully, I will have a new wild and zany site for you in every fun and exciting issue of The Shrubbery, if that is its real name.

This Month's Featured Site: Dee Snider's Strangeland: RIPPED DEAD

Rating: 2.5 (1 is very dumb, 5 is very cool)
Plug-ins needed for this sight: Shockwave

Some say "eewww!" and some say "icky poo, that is ucky!" yet others say "Groovy!" Dee Snider's (of 'Twisted Sister' fame) StrangeLand: RIPPED DEAD is a web site sure to please. If you like to tourture animals, people, TREET (generic form of our favorite meat by-product, SPAM, or whatever your heart desires, then this site is perfect for you. It tests your knowledge of useless FACTS, and 'rewards' you when you answer several trivia questions correctly.

What is this reward, you ask? Well, it is the of the brief moment (which is actually defined to be about ninety seconds) of clicking the left-mouse button to kill the sex of your choice, of course. What could be more fun than controlling the fate of a virtual human and watching them die? Hmmm, that's a tough one...

Anyhow, you choose who your victim will be, and shortly thereafter, you see the helpless speciman hanging from chains and hooks against a brick wall, and blood (which is barely more dense that water) dripping from their body. From there starts the game. You are allowed only three wrong answers, after that, there is no more tourturing left to do. There is only a small amount of questions, but as I said, it might be worth it. If you want to succeed and do the tourturing yourself, you must know about pigs, ears, humans, blood, etc (like I do). After you are done, you realize, "That was stupid and a waste of time" or "I memorized all the questions so I can always win, la la la!" My thoughts...stupid.

E-mail questions, facts, suggestions, or love letters to Fact Boy via The Shrubbery.

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