December 1998
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Website Madness

With Fact Boy

Now in Fact-o-Vision

That's right, Fact-o-Vision(TR). In order to access Fact Boy's facts, you must have a mouse. Not a pet mouse, those are icky. You need a computer mouse, which I assume you already have. To see a fact, simply move your mouse pointer over any asterisk you see () and you will instantly become one IQ point smarter by reading the fact that appears at the bottom of your browser window.

Finally December is here and X-mas * is around the corner. In order to be politically correct, I will start off by saying Happy Holiday(s), whichever may be the case.

Enough with being correct, I am an American and it is inevitable that I am just not that. I celebrate Christmas just as most of you probably do. I also believe in Satan, oops, I mean Santa. With that, I announce Santa is Satan in this month's edition of Website Madness.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5
NO Plug-In's needed for this site!!!

Santa Claus!!! If you have ever sent Santa Claus a letter and addressed it "Dear Santa Claus", then it probably went to the tiny town in Indiana, 10 miles north of the Ohio River and 30 miles northeast of Evansville. 4 million letters arrive there every year from everywhere to be remailed with the "magic postmark". As The Church Lady would say, "Could it be SATAN?" The fact is that Santa is an anagram * for SATAN. See for yourself what the creators of "Santa is Satan have" to say about it. They provide tons of proof that this is the case. This page is great!!! It you are a Calvin and Hobbes fan, or if you like South Park, or if you worship Satan, or believe in Satan, grrr..., I mean Santa, then your highly developed and civilized brains will have to see what this is all about. Remember, this is not a hoax, but substantial proof!!! I don't want to reveal too much about it, you must check it out.

Much to my delight, the creators do a very good job backing up their evidence. Nothing says truth better than CREDIBILITY. Establishing credibility is fundamental when presenting information. As a matter of fact, Corax, the "Founder of Oratory" says that you MUST establish credibility in order for people to believe you. This site is meant to be funny, and it is! They dig deep down into the crevices of the Earth * * and find what ever they can about this happy, laughing bowl of jelly. Even his sleigh and his laugh are Satanic.

Much of this site has little to be desired, however, some of their grammar needs to be fixed*!!! They are from Great Britain and translate some of their lingo to American lingo. They even have a special fact of their own, and it is about UNDERWEAR, huh huh. That was nice of them. Don't be afraid of the WARNING, just go, this is not a porn site for heaven's sake. Be sure to sign their guestbook, just to be nice. The humor is great, but unfortunately, after one time visiting the site, there is really not much of a reason to go back. It is like wearing a double breasted suit or watching Mission Impossible, the movie, more than once. Even with this, this site gets a good, well-deserved high rating.

The TRUTH about Santa Claus:
What truth about Santa is there? Well well well, there is a whole story behind the legendary Saint Nicholas. Santa Claus is "a mythical old man who brings gifts to children at Christmas" *. He lived during 300 AD and was the bishop of Myra, an ancient town of Lycia, now in Turkey. He was a very kind person and would actually give gifts to the needy during the night.

English-speaking people tried to actually say the Dutch form Sinterklaas. Soon, the phenomena of evolution took its toll and Santa Claus became the official name.

His appearance is also different. For hundreds of years, he was tall, thin and stately person. Good Ol' Washington Irving * gave his appearance as a typical Dutch settler. He was called the guardian of New York City. He was a jolly fellow wearing a broad-brimmed hat and huge breeches and smoking a long pipe. He rode over tree tops in a wagon and dropped gifts from his pockets down chimneys.

In 1822, Clement C. Moore describes him as we know him today. You may have heard his famous poem, which begins with the line "Twas the night before Christmas." Now, he is still the same jolly Ol' Saint Nicholas we all know and love.

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