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Adventures in Maturity

By Gordon Dymowski

Yeah, it's December, and this whole "end of the year" stuff takes on a whole new meaning. Year-end retrospectives, millennial crises, Christmas shopping way too early...yes, friends, it is December.

Looking back on this past year, I can honestly say that it wasn't all too bad. Sure, recent events have me a little less-than-ideal (the young lady I hired in August is leaving because she feels underworked - nothing too stressful or anything), but things are OK. Living in one city for a prolonged period of sure time helps, as well as having friends, time, and distance from you...

Still, this year did have its highlights.... the prediction that the moon would spin out of orbit and into space, as proposed by the old TV series Space: 1999, has not come to pass. Angry Dan wrote a really funny satire of my column back in April, although I think he's secretly jealous 'cause chicks dig older guys like me...oh, and Dennis Rodman has hit the bottom of the pop culture barrel. OK, those are the highlights...

The only thing I don't like about the end of the year is the plethora of retrospectives on the year, which almost always begins after Thanksgiving. Now, with the whole end of the millennium phenomena, we're examining a much greater plate. I mean, who cares? Let's wait until, say, February to get some kind of context.

No, I don't have a real topic to write about, I'm just ranting. Complain to me at, and let's make the year 2000 "The Year Gordon 'Gets Some'".

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